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We are not your ordinary cafe, by any means, and here is why: ciabatta bread light and airy, mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches decked out with special sauce. Baked goods, crafted in such a way that you could not find them anywhere else, they are light on the sugar but filled with buttery goodness. Espresso drinks curated with specials that make you feel like an Empress.

A Little About Us

We are 4th generation Oaklanders that have a talent and passion for fresh food. We are locally owned and operated. We specialize in international baked goods, serve locally roasted coffee, and we make our own sandwiches and breads from scratch. Our food tells the story of when 3 different cultures collide: Black, Latin, and Californian. We want to give people "A taste of the town" with our menu.

If you haven't ordered from us, you are missing out! Start your year out right and order from Oaklandia Cafe!